Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert

Barry Silbert, Digital Currency CEO: Definition of a bank is going to change

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Digital Currency CEO Barry Silbert on how the rise of Bitcoin is impacting financial services. Watch Maria Bartiromo and Sandra Smith talk about Currencies on Mornings With Maria.

Barry Silbert started his career as an investment banker and is now the founder and CEO of Digital Currency Group, a company helping to build the foundation of the digital currency and blockchain technology industry by working as an active seed investor in the digital currency industry, with over 50 investments in 15 countries including BitGo, BitPay, BitPagos, BitPesa, Chain, Circle, Coinbase, Gyft, Kraken, Ripple Labs, TradeBlock, Unocoin, and Xapo. In addition, Barry also created the Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) and was responsible for ethereum classic. Grayscale Investments, a Digital Currency Group company, launched ethereum classic after the DAO hack scandal.

Prior to founding Digital Currency Group, Barry founded SecondMarket, a platform that enables private companies and investment funds to more efficiently raise capital and provide liquidity to their stakeholders. SecondMarket has received numerous accolades in recent years including being named by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer and has received honors from Forbes, Fast Company, Deloitte and other organizations. Barry has received several individual honors including being named Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and Crain’s, and being selected to Fortune’s prestigious “40 Under 40” list.

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